I am Courtney Hamby from Hamby Home Décor and I’m so honored to have the opportunity to share these easy DIY mexican tile coasters.

DIY Mexican tile coasters

We’re in the process of building a house with an open floor plan and I’m planning to use the blue and white ceramics in the kitchen which means I need some blue and white accent pieces in the living room as well. Blue and white ceramics are all over the place these days (antique stores, thrift stores, Home Goods, Pier One, etc.) but I have yet to see blue and white coasters which would be beautiful and great accent pieces for our living room. I saw an Instagram picture with blue and white tiles that got me thinking, why not make some blue and white coasters out of Mexican tiles?! And that’s how this project was started!

Here is what you’ll need:

Supplies needed

  • Tiles
  • Cork Sheets
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Hot Glue

How to Make Them:

Step 1: Purchase Desired Tiles

Fine Crafts & Imports has a great selection of Talavera Mexican tiles at great prices ($1.30 each)! You could use multiples of the same style but I decided to make every coaster different by ordering 8 different style tiles. That’s another thing I love about the blue and white ceramics, you can mix all kinds of patterns and it works!

Supplies needed

Step 2: Paint Tile Edges

These tiles are gorgeous and so fun but the sides are rough and unfinished because they’re typically not used alone. I took acrylic paint and painted the edges of all the tiles to give them a more finished appearance and you would have never known they didn’t come that way. I just used whatever color was used on the edge of the tile to make it look as natural as possible.
If any paint gets on the top of the tile, just wipe it off with your finger and it comes right off! Did I mention how much I’m loving working with these tiles? They’re so easy to work with!

Mexican tile edge painting

Step 3: Prep Cork Backing

The tiles are rough on the bottom and need some sort of backing/cushion to protect them from scratching the surfaces they’re used on. I picked up these thin cork sheets from Michaels and it is perfect for this! The tiles are slightly larger than 4×4 so I marked and cut the cork sheet into 4×4 squares.

Corking Mexican tiles

Step 4: Glue Cork Backing

Then all you need to do is glue the cork to the tiles. I used hot glue but any glue will work. Apply glue to the edges and around the center of the cork and place the cork on the bottom of the tile. Press to flatten and secure the cork backing and then flip the tile over and apply pressure.
Note: If you are using hot glue, make sure to apply the glue to the cork, not the tile. I applied the glue to the tile the first time and it cools immediately causing problems securing the cork backing.

Mexican tile cork gluing

That is all!! I’m in love! These will be perfect accent pieces in the living room and wherever they may be used to tie in the “blue willow” ceramics I’m using throughout the house!

DIY Mexican tile coaster

DIY Mexican tile coaster

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