Would you like to be a proud owner of a luxurious home bar? Then you ought to have plan it from the very beginning. In fact, sink is a widely used place in the bar area. It should perfectly fit into the needs of your guests. It must be helpful in washing glasses, preparing garnishes, putting in dirty glassware etc. Especially, at the time of a big dinner party or a cocktail evening, the need of a spacious bar sink is felt strongly. So, when you select a bar sink, always buy one made of natural-looking, hammered pure copper. It would always withstand heavy uses and serve the above purposes best.

A flat-bottomed hammered copper bar sink

Usually, bar sinks differ a bit from other varieties such as kitchen or bathroom sinks. They are flat, bigger-bottomed and smaller in size. The flat bottom is helpful to keep the glasses vertically inside it. The bottom of a bar sink has to be a little bigger in order to stack the heavy load of glassware and dishes in the cleaning procedure. However, your choice must be a perfect one that would fulfill all the necessities of a home bar. Mexican hammered copper bar sinks are of high quality and they never ever let you down. Thickness of copper is a crucial thing to reckon in the production. Mexican copper smiths use the best copper of 14 or 16 gauge to make copper sinks. And the usual width of a bar sink is about 23 inches or so. And they often use 2-3 inches of drain opening making the disposal process more efficient.

Copper bar sinks and faucets come in a wide variety of shapes and gorgeous finishes. Circular, triangular and oval-shaped sinks are preferred to clumsy, odd ones since the well-shaped ones fill up the entire bar with neatness. And its outer lip is of a substantial width that adds an extra value and good looks to the product. It’s yet another remarkable feature that attracts more buyers.

Your servants work all day long in the home bar at festive occasions and may develop a fear of microbial infections that might cause in cleaning. But no bacteria can survive on a copper surface. So, employees will love this new copper bar sink a lot due to its germ-killing property. Hammered copper bar sinks always relieve you of such minor problems whenever you plan a feast or any moment of entertainment. So, better to select a Mexican hammered copper bar sink to get the most of it.

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